Notes on "The Kite Runner"

published on 2014 Jun 12
containing 146 words

Didn’t like this . Its never-ending sequence of tragedies felt quite artificial and forced towards the end.

Couple of pages in, we are told that the first spoken word of Hassan, a servant’s son, is the name of his master’s son, Amir. It’s just the beginning of Unfortunately, this ludicrous strain of servility is the only dimension of him that we get to see, thus making one of the protagonists seem more like a loyal dog than a human character. The lead, Amir, is very well charecterized though. His childhood jealousies and the insecurities of growing up in the shadows of a larger-than-life father are described expertly.

I felt the plot tramped a very well-trodden ground of childhood guilt and subsequent redemption. It strongly reminded me of Atonement except with a fully tied up redemptive ending. A bit of Sense of an Ending too.